Monday, November 22, 2004

Thank you for Roger

If anyone had any doubts about the genius of Roger Federar then those doubts should be put to rest forever after another awesome display from arguably the greatest tennis genius of our time. Playing against, merely supremely talented Leyton Hewitt , in the final of Masters Cup at Houston the genius once again showed how he moves into that extra gear when playing against a top 10 ranked opponent in a final. Case in point, in the first set, Hewitt apparently has total control of a point on his serve. He just hit a fine backhand which Roger did well to return. Meanwhile, Hewitt has reached the net and is in a perfect position to hit a ferocious forehand to an out of position Roger which is sure to get past him & earn Hewitt a well deserved point. He duly hit that ferocious forehand(or so he thought). Roger correctly anticipated the shot, got into position to hit a fatal counter-blow which sails past Hewitt , hits the baseline and score reads 30-30 instead of 40-15 which everybody thought it would read when Hewitt had hit that backhand one shot ago. "That is sick!", exclaimed the commentator, echoing the thoughts of Leyton, who was left bemused once again by the genius on the other side of the net. After that Roger made short work of the challenge from world no. 3 , showing him time & again, who is the boss around here. He broke him once in first set, twice in the second, took home a purse of $1.5 million and earned a well-deserved vacation to Maldives, into the arms of the Indian Ocean, with his girlfriend. In the meantime, he has ruined the vacations for plenty of top-ranked players who must be spending sleeples nights contemplating how to counter this Federar Express in 2005. Roger has ended the year the way he started it, with a bang . While doing this, he has rekindled the passion of millions of Tennis fans who would be eagerly anticipating every tournament King Roger will be gracing with his presence. " Thank you for Roger", proclaimed one banner in the Houston Tennis club. Thank you indeed, tennis fans have said in unison all over the world. For the players, however, its a different story.

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