Monday, September 26, 2005

Tabloid of India

Pardon the poor stale headline for this post, but I did not want to waste any fancy words or my precious little grey cells thinking of a nice headline about the junk of which I am about to write. Almost every indian with even half a brain would agree that Times Of India is probably the worst newspaper in the world which still has name of a nation in its name. Normally I would not prefer to write about the cheap sleaze show Times of India really is, but a couple of nice posts on the web convinced me that there are people out there who care about the abysmal lows ToI has hit and is "affectionately" being referred as ToI-let paper of India. Hopefully some kind of buzz can be built on the web which (hope dear hope) may be an agent of change for the ToI-let paper because seriously, name of India on a ToI-let paper burns my heart.

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Thoughts said...

Absolutely agree with you

Never understood why we shoudl read the page 3 with photos of starlets or models of self proclaimed city celebrities!!!

Pune Times is nothing but 4 page advertisement section which we can really do away with.

And yes, TOI itself is bordering on the lines of becoming 'Sandhyanand' type tabloid....