Thursday, November 01, 2007

Return of the blogging days?

Its been a long time since I put a pen to paper for a blog post (No, a few short posts in the whole year do not count). A lot has happened since then - I got a dream job, moved to The City and got a PhD proposal out of the way. Predictably, the turmoil accompanying all these events has left little time or inclination for blogging. However, to the rejoicement of the admirers of this little nook of the cyberworld -which is not an empty set by the way!- this draught of blog posts is about to end now as I have geared myself to be a more frequent contributor to the vast and growing fast world of blogs of no particular importance or interest to anyone. Stay tuned.


Ashutosh said...

Congratulations on all counts! What city is this?

Vivek Gupta said...

I thought that it was clear:), The City- New York. Its been a couple of months now; I am working for the research group of Moody's, everyone's favorite whipping boy in the credit crunch roiling the financial world. BTW, Happy Diwali!