Friday, December 28, 2007

A peerless life

''There is a difference between a politician and a leader. A politician asks for sacrifices, a leader makes sacrifices''-- Benazir Bhutto

By making the ultimate sacrifice in a life full of great sacrifices Benazir-an Urdu word that translates to peerless- once again showed what a peerless leader she was. It is a tragedy not only for Pakistan but for the whole world that has lost a leader of stature and much promise for a region that needed her more than ever in these perilous times. I hope her sacrifice does not go in vain; I hope it strengthens the resolve of the People of Pakistan and their friends to fight the Jehadi forces that are hell-bent on tearing apart the fabric of civilizations to fulfill their nefarious desires of Islamic rule; I hope her life may mean something, if not in life then at least in death.

Rest in Peace, Daughter of the East.

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