Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ganguly and Dravid

Following exchange takes place between Ganguly & Dravid in the second innings of third test between India and Pakistan just after Sehwag gets out.

Dravid: Ok captain. Its time for me to go. What do you think our strategy should be?

Ganguly : Hmmm. The pitch is a minefield and bowlers are throwing grenades, just look at the
way Sehwag got run out. I want you to go out there, and go into a shell, you are no
strangers to this , are you ? (smiles)

Dravid: But Dada, we are cruising along pretty well. Dont you think we should try and go for the

Ganguly:(visibly annoyed) Who do you think we are? Australia? We should not kid
ourselves. Just like any other bowling attack these are one of the most dangerous
bowlers I have ever seen. That Shahid Afridi gives me goose pumps. These days even
spinners are throwing bouncers at me, I dont understand why is that? May be
something to do with my dislike for short stuff (sighs).

Dravid: So I go out there and block as many balls as possible?

Ganguly: No, block every ball. No ball should be left behind. Every run you score can be and will
be held against you. One more thing, no matter what happens stand your ground. Do
not come back to the pavillion.

Dravid: You mean I should stand there even if I am given out?

Ganguly: Are you kidding me? This is Bucknor we are talking about. The man is as blind as a
bat. Stay there even if all 3 stumps are upooted. There is no way we will survive this
test unless we have some help from Bucknor. Listen to me carefully, we will have to dig
really deep today and once we have done that we can easily bury ourselves.

Dravid: Dada, I still feel that we should try and chase the target. Even if we lose we may still
have the glory.

Ganguly: How much more glory do you want? There is only so much glory a man can handle.
Remember we consider ourselves number two in the world. We should not do anything
which may look like as if we are number one. The Australians may really get upset,
you know & may clobber us in our next series. Just trust me on this.

Dravid: Ok captain. I think I should get going now lest I am give time-out.

Ganguly: Thats like my boy. Go on , be a wimp. I will see you in a bit.

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TheDQ said...

hey. Neat blog you have here. This is my first visit.
I see a distinct irony in the contents of your posts and the name of your blog :-D.
keep blogging!