Monday, March 21, 2005

No Visa Power for Modi

It is hard to sympathise with the plight of Narendra Modi. The denial of Visa by US government
has reaffirmed the way in which the world and many Indians percieve him, that of a religious bigot who played the role of Nero when Gujarat was burning. Indian government is understandably concerned with this because after all Modi is a constitutional authority elected by the due process of democracy and not a wanted terrorist (though he may well be). However, US governement is well within its rights to deny entry to any person they deem not worthy. Not withstanding the NDA rhetoric calling this 'A National Shame', I believe that NDA's idea of National Shame is a little muddled. The real National Shame was what happened in Gujarat and afterwards, this is nothing but a minor snub to India by US and yes, may be a small justice to Gujarat riots' victims.

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i have the power