Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another egg on the face

This is got to be some sort of record-- the number of mess ups that Bush administration has made over last 6 years or so. Barely one month after Bush and his cohorts' saber-rattlings concerning Iran, comes the report that Iran actually halted its nuclear program in 2003 and is years away from any sort of capability for a bomb. Just last month Bush had made his now infamous World War III comments regarding Iran and today once again he is made to look like a fool wrapped in an idiot inside a Moron. I shudder to think that there is still one full year to go before this nightmare ends.


Goutham said...

I bumped into ur blog sometime back, and I read it in my google reader, and hence been lazy to comment. But this:
"he is made to look like a fool wrapped in an idiot inside a Moron."

is outright hilarious! :-)

How is life in The City?

BTW, do u remember me?

Vivek Gupta said...

Hi Goutham,

A good amount of credit goes to Winston Churchill for that line. Life in the City is good, certainly much better than being a poor graduate student:). How are things in Atlanta? I hear Asha is doing pretty well these days.

Goutham said...

Hey! Yes Asha is doing pretty good. Under the able leadership of S'man and myself, I say. ;-).. Ya, hope it just gets better from here.

Things are good in Atl. I am also looking to graduate next year. Also looking at The City. Lets see.


Ashutosh said...

Loved the fool wrapped in an idiot wrapped inside a moron!